Understanding The Science Behind Security

Data security is not just critical at the network level, it is also paramount at the circuit level – particularly when being considered with applications such as smart cards or smartphones.

How Chaologix Can Protect Your Data

The Chaologix engineering team has completed the design and development of the very first commercial-grade circuit to employ ChaoSecure℠ for improved side channel security.

Leading Innovation

Chaologix holds multiple patents covering analog-inspired, flexible computing architectures that overcome many of the limitations associated with conventional computing systems.

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IoT Security Risks Grow

Semiconductor Engineering interview with Asaf Shen, Chowdary Yanamadala, Timothy Dry, and Eric Sivertson.

Secure Everything, from the Chip to the Cheap Device

Yet again, a massive attack puts the focus on cybersecurity. The late October widespread denial-of-service hacking was top of mind at a panel of experts gathered at the ARM TechCon conference in Santa Clara, Calif. this week.


ARM TechCon 2016

ChaoLogix Participating in Panel Discussion: Emerging Technologies for Hardware Security and Trust
October 25, 2016

ARM TechCon 2016 Article

Design News article regarding the ARM TechCon 2016 panel discussion with Chowdary Yanamadala.
October 27, 2016


Changes In Chip Design

We all know that sub-10nm is coming. But is that really what will define the next generation of semiconductors? Progress in semiconductor technology increasingly is not just about advancements in the hardware. It also involves advancements in applications and technologies peripheral to the devices themselves.

Smarter Cities

One of the benefits touted by IoE proponents is that smart cities will improve the quality of life and make cities more “livable.” The concept is appealing, and if it comes to pass as visionaries hope, the smart city of the future will be a virtual cornucopia of convenience and efficiency.

Next Bonanza: Security Holes

Security threats—both real and potential—are beginning to reshape the semiconductor business. These threats are drawing venture capitalists back into the industry as they race for the next big opportunity.

ChaoLogix’s mission is to enable semiconductor manufacturers to produce integrated circuits (ICs) with maximum security safe from malicious side channel attacks at ultra-low levels of power.