Solving Today’s Security and Power Challenges

Seamless Integration:
Utilizing existing design tools and methodologies to simplify adoption.

Cost Effective:
Using existing standards, ChaoSecure provides scalable security for a variety of applications.

More Secure:
Deters external power detection and electromagnetic attacks, thereby prohibiting secure key theft.


A New Advance in Hardware-Embedded Data Protection

ChaoLogix recently verified in silicon that ChaoSecure has intrinsic power dissipation properties that provide an inherent, efficient hardware–based immunity to side channel analysis attacks (SPA, DPA, EM). DPA Side Channel analysis is today’s primary tool for deducing encryption keys, exposing valuable data to theft. ChaoSecure solves this problem by attacking the source of data leakage through power consumption.

ChaoLogix offers ChaoSecure in the form of a standard cell technology library. A crypto engine can be targeted to use the ChaoSecure technology library to incorporate intrinsic protection against side channel analysis attacks. ChaoSecure technology is easy to incorporate in any crypto engine design and does not require modifications to the logic.

Improved Utilization

ChaoLogix has developed a commercial application circuit that demonstrates both the enhanced security features and improved utilization of its proprietary platform technology. The ChaoSecure circuit can be manufactured using an industry standard integrated circuit fabrication process and has been fully tested and validated.

The ChaoLogix™ Advantage

The ChaoLogix engineering team has completed the design and development of the first commercial grade circuit to employ ChaoSecure for improved side channel security. The silicon-proven ChaoSecure technology can be integrated into any standard integrated circuit design providing security at the source, while minimizing design costs. Focusing on security at the core also better optimizes power and area than do conventional methods, providing a cost effective security solution.

Low Voltage and Low Power Applications

ChaoLogix’s emphasis on the nexus of security and power is leading to new technologies in low voltage enhanced logic. The new applications will work either in combination with ChaoSecure or independently to drastically reduce overall power consumption without compromising security. Chaologix expects to bring exciting new low power and low voltage technology to market in summer 2014.