IoT Security Risks Grow

Semiconductor Engineering interview with Asaf Shen, Chowdary Yanamadala, Timothy Dry, and Eric Sivertson.

Secure Everything, from the Chip to the Cheap Device

Yet again, a massive attack puts the focus on cybersecurity. The late October widespread denial-of-service hacking was top of mind at a panel of experts gathered at the ARM TechCon conference in Santa Clara, Calif. this week.

Next-Gen Botnets

Botnets, once limited to computer networks, are expanding and changing as more devices are connected to the Internet—and becoming much harder to detect and destroy.

Security by design

The advent of Internet-connected devices, the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), offers myriad opportunities and significant risks. The pervasive collection and sharing of data by IoT devices constitutes the core value proposition for most IoT applications.

Lightweight Cryptography For The IoE

This is the age where technology is expected to do more, faster, anonymously, and often invisibly. And it’s supposed to use less power, with smaller footprints, unobtrusively and intuitively. And all that needs to be protected with cryptography. That’s the goal, at least

Rising Threats From Differential Power Analysis

Differential power analysis (DPA) has been a threat vector on the chip landscape for a number of years. It was discovered around the mid 1990s by the teams at Rambus’ Cryptography Research Division, and turned out to be a very effective tool for compromising the ubiquitous SIM card environment.