Emerging Technologies for Hardware Security and Trust

This panel discussion will focus on emerging technologies in hardware security & trust demanded by this paradigm shift. Core discussion topics will be in lightweight encryption with inherent side-channel immunity, unique device identification, certificate-less chains of trust, foundry level support, and key applications.

Chowdary Yanamadala  |  Senior Vice President, ChaoLogix
Eric Sivertson  |  CEO, QuantumTrace
Rajeev Rajan  |  VP, Global Foundries
Ed Sperling  |  Editor in Chief, Semiconductor Engineering
Asaf Shen  |  Vice President, ARM

Location:  ARM TechCon 2016, Ballroom H
Date:  Tuesday, October 25
Time:  11:30am – 12:20pm
Format: 50-Minute Panel

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